Sunday, 2 March 2008

first day of work/can't eat

eversince i landed in melbourne, I'm finding it really hard to eat. I force myself to have little nibbles of food, but don't have an appetite. Had a bbq/birthday party yesterday. Ate half a sausage and half a slice of bread but couldn't make myself eat the rest. Maybe I'm allergic to meat. Haven't eaten anything all day except a sandwich around midday and still am not hungry. maybe I'll just go to bed. whatever. so over 'it', although I have nfi what 'it' is. maybe its just that I feel like I'm the one constantly saying "lets do this/that" to friends who always seem to have something better to do when crunch time comes.

I'm sure I'll get out of this feeling sorry for myself phase shortly.

oh and had my first day as store manager today. woo. I has panic button. plus I got to see cute hawthorn footy players.