Saturday, 22 September 2007

First postings

I keep starting up blogs everywhere, and generally tend to stop posting after a while. Don't know what it is - although it possibly has something to do with the fact that I get bored fast. I like new, exciting things, and throw myself into them whole heartedly, but after I've explored it thoroughly, I toss it away. So sad.

but anyway, life as a labmonkette is stressful. and at the same time rewaarding I guess, if you sit down and think about ripple effect kinda things. I have less than a month left till thesis due date, and am lagging so far behind wrt actually having anything publishable. Results for proliferation (or lack thereof, yes, but sfa on apoptosis! aargh! Working on the thesis though, and have made progress - 38 pages of 50 done, and I feel I will be done with lab work this week, provided tomorrows array experiment works, in which case I can sit at home and just write write write.

Its a pity I can't write about my experiments in more detail, but part of the fun of this honours year has been the fact that my project revolves around this awesome new compound produced by a german pharmaceutical company.

so anyway, I have to go into the lab tomorrow morning around 10 to continue an experiment I started on thursday! I must say, hours are shit for research, although you sort of can plan ahead and make it so your hours aren't as bad. sigh.