Sunday, 6 September 2009

opshopping. or not

Mousie and I decided to go op shopping today. Unfortunately, all the opshops were shut. Brilliant scientists that we are, we used our mad powers of deduction to deduce that most opshops are run by christian charities. Most practising christians are usually at church on a sunday morning. therefore going opshopping on a sunday morning is well...very un-scientist of us.

We ended up at chaddy instead. Hurray for consumerism.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

You stay classy san diego!

I am trying to (unsuccessfully) fill in my lab book. any scientist out there knows what a tedious/boring/stupid job this is, and I have become very adept at procrastinating when I am supposedly filling in my lab book. yay :D

Life has been such a bore recently. Go to the lab at around 7am, back around 7pm, weekends spent at home. I have no life. Or maybe this is one of those lows.

need to get back to book. only one month more to fill in. aargh

but on the upside; San diego and Italy next year :D WOOO