Monday, 21 January 2008

All grown up

my gorgeous god daughter. She's just gone to grade 4 and still likes me to carry her like a baby at times...

Saturday, 19 January 2008

early morning sea bath mmmmmm

Woke up early this morning to go to Vilingili. We (my family and my god daughter S's family) were planning on leaving here at 6. Of course that didnt happen, and by the time we actually got to the ferry it was almost 7. Luckily, the next ferry was only a minute or so away, and a short 10 min ride later we were there.

We had so much fun splashing around! S insisted I teach her how to float, which ended up hilarious as each time she tried, her cousin N would jump on her or splash water. After a nice long swim, we all went and showered and had breakfast, sooo yummy! farata, buns, black tea and this delicious fish/potato curry. mmmmm. What is it about sea baths that make people so hungry! We only just got home (its almost 11am) and I feel completely refreshed and energized! definitely going sea bathing again next weekend. I'd forgotten how much I love it.

reminds me. I will be 24 in a few days. how time flies - i feel like I only just had my 21st :S

Monday, 14 January 2008

Holidays in Male' - tres boring?

continuing on from before:

so dad wasn't very happy at the thought of me spending another 3 years far away in australia. He wants me to get married! *shudder* Not that I'm against marriage, I'm just too young for it. Besides which, I want to do a phd. So dad agreed, but I could see from the look on his face that he was incredibly sad. I can understand why too, but chances like this don't come up twice in a lifetime. Its just something I've gotta do. Sooo I am.

What else...I've grown so annoyed at the english newspaper back home - they do direct translations from dhivehi, and it sounds so stupid, so I've volunteered to do the Dhiv-english translations while I'm in Male'. Also, my friend A and me have decided to stop organizing catch-ups with certain friends whenever we come to Male'. I hate people who say they'll come, and then cancel at the last minute, and do this every single fucking time we organise something. One had a legitimate excuse, but Im over this happening all the time. if they aren't interested, neither are we. sucks to them

There really isnt much to do in Male' aside from hingaalan dhiyun or coffee... I think the staff at Seahouse dread seeing me and A whenever we come now, because we only order coffee but sit there for ages. Oh well. I've got naruto to keep me occupied while I'm in Male, and at least we finally have broadband! yay!

New Years etc

So I've been fairly busy since I got home. First of all as soon as I got home my brother was leaving to go back to S'pore in a week, so we spent the whole week hanging out with each other. Lots of coffee drinking, photo taking (he's pretty good, check his flickr site: ) and then it was time for him to go :( This is the first holiday where we didn't fight with each other, and when it was just lots of fun.

I also celebrated new years at home, just had a quiet one in with the family, specially since its been a year since I've seen them. It was nice but bittersweet (keep reading). I've also come up with my one and only new years resolution:

Keep in touch with friends, reply to all emails and sms's

This is something that I find incredibly hard to do. I've never been one for emails - I find face to face talking so much better - not something that works well when youre thousands of kms apart. Oh well, see how we go

Once little brother left, it was time to tell the paternal one about my scholarships and wanting to do phd. needless to say, he was pretty happy about the schols, but at the same time was iffy about the whole thing