Monday, 14 January 2008

New Years etc

So I've been fairly busy since I got home. First of all as soon as I got home my brother was leaving to go back to S'pore in a week, so we spent the whole week hanging out with each other. Lots of coffee drinking, photo taking (he's pretty good, check his flickr site: ) and then it was time for him to go :( This is the first holiday where we didn't fight with each other, and when it was just lots of fun.

I also celebrated new years at home, just had a quiet one in with the family, specially since its been a year since I've seen them. It was nice but bittersweet (keep reading). I've also come up with my one and only new years resolution:

Keep in touch with friends, reply to all emails and sms's

This is something that I find incredibly hard to do. I've never been one for emails - I find face to face talking so much better - not something that works well when youre thousands of kms apart. Oh well, see how we go

Once little brother left, it was time to tell the paternal one about my scholarships and wanting to do phd. needless to say, he was pretty happy about the schols, but at the same time was iffy about the whole thing