Monday, 14 January 2008

Holidays in Male' - tres boring?

continuing on from before:

so dad wasn't very happy at the thought of me spending another 3 years far away in australia. He wants me to get married! *shudder* Not that I'm against marriage, I'm just too young for it. Besides which, I want to do a phd. So dad agreed, but I could see from the look on his face that he was incredibly sad. I can understand why too, but chances like this don't come up twice in a lifetime. Its just something I've gotta do. Sooo I am.

What else...I've grown so annoyed at the english newspaper back home - they do direct translations from dhivehi, and it sounds so stupid, so I've volunteered to do the Dhiv-english translations while I'm in Male'. Also, my friend A and me have decided to stop organizing catch-ups with certain friends whenever we come to Male'. I hate people who say they'll come, and then cancel at the last minute, and do this every single fucking time we organise something. One had a legitimate excuse, but Im over this happening all the time. if they aren't interested, neither are we. sucks to them

There really isnt much to do in Male' aside from hingaalan dhiyun or coffee... I think the staff at Seahouse dread seeing me and A whenever we come now, because we only order coffee but sit there for ages. Oh well. I've got naruto to keep me occupied while I'm in Male, and at least we finally have broadband! yay!