Friday, 29 February 2008

I shop too much

Mood: tired but happy (see shopping endorphins)
Grey/white striped racerback under
yellow sheer l/s knit top
tan belt on
Navy skinny jeans cuffed at ankle
silvery white ballet flats
black slouchy hoody
silver bag+ usual jewellery

Had another long day today. 11 mice to kill, going to uni to finally drop off schol forms, and then went to chaddy afterwards for haircut, grocery buying and a bit of cheapo shopping. too tired to describe day

+cream/taupe snakeskin like hairband $2.00
+black s/s t shirt with ribcage and heart print $5.00 (Target)
+black kohl eye liner $2.00
+Sugarbaby bright red lipstick $4.50
+Sugarbaby 'Glamourpuss' luminous cream foundation $4.50
+Witchery L/s fur padded parka $119.00 (got discount on it)

Total: $137.00

btw its not like i spend like this all the time. I'm just stocking up on winter clothes/ lab friendly things while I have some spare cash. Next big purchase is car, after that, I'm done.


fuckin hell. I promised myself an early night

Good night


Thursday, 28 February 2008

car loan baby

mood: cheerful

indigo puffsleeved shirt with ties at sleeves under
black racerback wool vest
dirty denim skinny jeans cuffed at ankle
black round toed wedges with bow on side
brown/rust pashmina looped around neck
cadbury purple blazer
usual silver ring, crystal studs, watch and golden brown thick glass bangle

today was spent running up and down. first had to go into uni to get my scholarshop commencement forms signed by the faculty research officer-person. website said they normally have lunch break at 1, so got there at 12. Office was locked, lights were off. ok. thought maybe they were at lunch. went and hung out in campus centre with dinesh and his friends. beef bulgogi for lunch, yummy! went back to office at 1:15. lights still off. wtf. hang around till 2. still no one. start to get pissed off. need to get form signed and take to MRGS before 4. sigh. finally someone shows up at 2.30. "Long lunch :D" she says. whatever. at least leave a sign will you!

hand her form, beg for signature. just one sign. "Oh I've gotta call your supervisor and ask her something before i can sign". Er. supervisor in meeting for 1 hour. FUCKIN HELL. taking form over to MRGS now delayed till Friday morning. sigh. Rush to bus loop to go to NAB chaddy for car loan interview

got there, was kept waiting for 1/2 an hour even though I made an appointment and I WAS 5 minutes EARLY. Get told I pass the interview, but "Please fill in more forms and bring them back tomorrow with copies of pay slips/ enrolment. sigh.

hopefully I can get my loan+car within 2 weeks. I don't think I can stand much more of this PT shit.

Purchases today

+Beef bulgogi for lunch $6.50

+Black 'core' pants, Target, $31.99
+black plain puff sleeved shirt, Target, $21.00
+Magenta satin cap sleeved shirt with waist tie, Temt, $9.00
+White shirt with navy pin stripes, Temt, $9.00
+Sugarbaby Complexion Perfection face powder, Target, $4.50
+Sugarbaby lip glaze in 'lana', Target, $4.50

Total: $86.49

Gulp. I justified it by realising that I own no trousers. only jeans. and I need work shirts...don't I?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Gastro sucks

As in title: gastro sucks. I've only been in melbourne for 2 days, and already my stomach, she rebels! Anyway, landed on sunday night, stayed up all night because of jet laggyness, went into the lab straight away on monday morning because I wanted to get my schol payments sorted out (moniez!!!) - straight away bumped into H (one of the RAs and the scariest person there) "oh my S, you've put on weight!"


and here I thought I'd actually maintained/lost a kg or so. no matter. walk into supervisors office.

G: *gasp of shock* YOU CAME BACK!?!?!

Me: of course I did

G:*grabs my head and plants two kisses on each cheek*

me: *wtf face*

she prods me to go to other supervisors office. he *boings* and grabs me and bear hugs :S

seriously. its like ive been gone for years or something.

anyway, jumping straight into things i guess. still no clear idea about what my phd project is, doing a few more expts for hons stuff to publish in higher impact factor journal, so stuck with that for the next month or so. also have to look after/show Quiet Boy (new hons student) how to kill/chop mice up, and how to do other things around lab. woo.

dinner was chicken sausage, mashed potatoes and veggys. ugh. didnt really feel hungry so pushed everything around and then threw food away. Bad Bad S.

annd...since I finally started watching naruto during these hols (bandwagon? late? anyone?) and am waiting for the latest release from dattebayo, i thought i might as well start on bleach. why is it i watch insanely popular things loong after they show up?

upto episode 6 now. lol. long way to go

mood today: couldnt be f***ed

outfit today:organic cotton white "the future is green" t shirt (target buy, 5$!!!)
Lee bootcut jeans
black almond toe ballet flats
rust, red and brown scarf around neck

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Went for a walk in villingili. The kids decided to gather tonnes of these flowers and arrange them in designs on the beach "so it looks pretty"

Saturday, 9 February 2008

view from villingili beach this morning

Friday, 8 February 2008

Professor Randy Pausch

If you have a spare hour or so, watch this: