Thursday, 11 October 2007

Making progress...

Fact 1: I think I know which apoptotic pathway my chemical uses.

Fact 2: I do my best work between 1am and 4am

Fact 3: MS word sucks and is incredibly user-unfriendly

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I think I just broke Pubmed


P (my friend/phd student) told S that I wasn't coming in today because G wanted me to go to her house and S's reply was "Good, at least I don't have to deal with it then"


I really don't need his petty shit right now. Its not my fault that he's a shit supervisor, and that his boss knows it now. And apparently G changed our meeting place to her office instead of her house now, except people kinda forgot to let me know, if not for P telling me, I wouldve been on my way to East Malvern.

When alone in the hills, with the wind in your face...

So yesterday, my other supervisor (y'know, the one who is in charge of the lab), G, decided to take over supervising my thesis. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that main supervisor S decided not to come in yesterday. And hasn't really been giving me much advice besides from being a scientific thesaurus when I give him drafts to read. G asked me to come in to her office around 4 just to 'have a little chat'. Walked in, and little chat turned into her re-organising my entire results section, and telling me that I needed to do more counting. 10 days before my thesis is due. Right. And then she told me not to stress. :|

So today, I am working from home, attempting to get all the changes G recommended in done in a day wouldnt have seemed as impossible if she didn't also ask me to change all my graphs. sigh. I've been working on it since this am, and I feel like I've made no headway. S is being a bit stand-offish as well, he probably I thought I complained about him to G, which I didn't. Did I mention I was a bit over lab politics? Anyway, I need to get my shit together, and finish my work by 4ish, because G wants me to come to her house (!) so we can go over the changes again.

I cannot wait for these 10 days to be over (blog title).

I'll still have my talk to do, but nothing compares to this. I can't even describe how stressed I am. I dream about my thesis. I sleep my thesis. I eat my thesis. And when this is over, I'm going to BURN my thesis.