Friday, 29 February 2008

I shop too much

Mood: tired but happy (see shopping endorphins)
Grey/white striped racerback under
yellow sheer l/s knit top
tan belt on
Navy skinny jeans cuffed at ankle
silvery white ballet flats
black slouchy hoody
silver bag+ usual jewellery

Had another long day today. 11 mice to kill, going to uni to finally drop off schol forms, and then went to chaddy afterwards for haircut, grocery buying and a bit of cheapo shopping. too tired to describe day

+cream/taupe snakeskin like hairband $2.00
+black s/s t shirt with ribcage and heart print $5.00 (Target)
+black kohl eye liner $2.00
+Sugarbaby bright red lipstick $4.50
+Sugarbaby 'Glamourpuss' luminous cream foundation $4.50
+Witchery L/s fur padded parka $119.00 (got discount on it)

Total: $137.00

btw its not like i spend like this all the time. I'm just stocking up on winter clothes/ lab friendly things while I have some spare cash. Next big purchase is car, after that, I'm done.