Tuesday, 4 March 2008

attempting to be healthy

mood: meh
outfit: Witchery White puffsleeved shirt with purple pinstripes under black v neck vest
Target black core straight leg pants
black patent pointy flats
silver bag/bling

so cbf;d today. went to the bank only to be told there would be more delays with my car loan because they fucked something up. whatever. I just want my friggin car, ok? Work passed uneventfully, trizoled up all my prostate lobes so I can do RNA extraction tomorrow, reminds me, gotta book oven/tube rolling thing. Realised that tomorrow nights a VIP night at chaddy because of Melbourne fashion week, so going with Prue to see all the pretty clothes (maybe do some shopping. maybe). Bought fruits and bag of almonds to put on my desk for nibbling instead of bag of M&Ms in an effort to become more healthy. Also bought sandwich stuff so I can make my own healthy lunches at work (!!!)

now just watching bleach, chilling out, trying to figure out what to say in group meeting tomorrow. urk.