Sunday, 16 March 2008

hot T_T

feel like I'm channelling an olsen twin

denim cut-off short shorts
plaid red/green/blue shirt with sleeves rolled up, tucked in at the back messily
white framed aviator sunnies
black dragonfly sandals

its so hot :'( I'm just lolling in my room trying to stay cool before I go for work at three. at least theres a/c there


A dreamer said...

its only natural to channel an olsen twin in this weather.

i miraculously have somehow caught a cold.. how is that even possible in 40 degree heat.

Jen said...

sounds like a cute outfit! wish we could see pictures, i love seeing other people's outfits!

p.s. wish it was warm enough for me to wear those new shorts i just bought, but alas, it is still quite chilly in san francisco. *sigh*

p.p.s. i signed up for -- or should i say activated -- a blogger account! i'm probably not going to do much there until i get a SLR camera, however.