Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bargain, Bargain, where art thou Bargain?

So B's (bf) parents are down in melbourne for easter weekend. B and his dad went off to play golf (roll eyes) while me and his mum, A opted for the more sane, smarter version of walking many many miles; shopping :D We went to Direct Factory Outlets Cheltenham, with the shop till you drop mindset. Unfortunately, DFO had other plans for us.

2 hours of shopping, and we found nothing. Socks and a pair of tights do not count ok? We were looking for fashiony bargains! nothing!! nada. zip. Its like a flock of fashionista vultures descended upon the stores and cleaned them out. Even Tony Bianco, where I can usually count on finding at least one pair of shoes that I like had nothing. Very dissapointing. Managed to find something for B though - pair of shorts. And then, as we were walking out to go to the car, we saw the new Puma outlet. Yes, its not really fashion, but a girl needs her tracksuit bottoms as well. And Voila! Bargaintastic! Bought a pair of gaucho cut lounge pants, 12$ down from 40, a pair of full length chocolate velour with pink lining tracksuit bottoms (very juicy, lol) 15$ down from $55! At least I didn't leave the shops empty handed!

Feeling a bit sick now actually - I think I over indulged at dinner. Slabs of meat just don't do it for me anymore. I would have killed for some salad and calamari. Just chilling out, trying on my new extremely comfy velour pants and watching episode 1 of The Tudors. Mein gott, this is one sexy series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes an incredibly gorgeous, hot blooded King Henry, and the bbc-ish style of cinematography is hooking me in already. More on this another day, once I've finished drooling

so what I wore to the shops and dinner:

cotton on skinny indigo jeans (getting old, but so comfy-about to rip at the knee :S)
LE target purple pleated blouse
black tuxedo jacket with 3/4 sleeves
silver/white crackled leather platforms (the platform bit and heels are matte silver)
black mesh clutch with essentials (cards, lip balm and phone) - didn't feel like lugging excess crap around today
Silver ring and tan glass bangle

Close up of blouse:


A dreamer said...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers = very hot...:D

i know that feeling of walking away from the shops empty handed. incredibly dissatisfying right?

i have the same problem with dfo essendon, sometimes its a goldmine and other times its barren..or filled with junk...

i love your blazer and shoes! shiny shoes are awesome.. haha

fashionableparadox said...

OMG that blouse looks so hot on you!
Pity LE Target doesn't come in size 6.

Sheri said...

a_dreamer: arent they just :D I need to stop buying patent and shiny shoes!

fashionableparadox: ahuh, I agree, I'm a size 6-8 and it feels a bit blousy (I had it tucked in at the back a bit) but loved the feel (so comfy)and design so much I had to have it :)

Yinzi said...

johnathan rhys meyers very yuuum.

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