Wednesday, 12 March 2008

pay-day and spend-day

Had lunch with naomi this arvo. Its so nice having her working near me, means I can go bug her a lot :D yay! also got my lab book and plan for the rest of the month sorted out. Really pushing to get my paper out, so need to work, work, WORRRK!

Got my first scholarship payment today, and also went and spent a fair amount of $$ Don't worry, I didn't spend my living money - this was actually money I've been carrying around since I got back, that I got for my birthday (ah generous parents, aunts and foster sisters. I love you.) I also love target. Its the only place I seem to spend at lately. They've come out with a new 'Limited Editions' range, full of silk, merino wool and cashmere. Gorgeous designs and very nicely priced for student types like me. anyway, what I bought:

Pleat Panel short sleeved blouse in grape

Long line tie waist trench coat in grape

Fluted neck sleeveless top in cyclamen

sleeveless fluted neck woven dress in black

I'll probably go back for the cashmere wrap, but Target Chaddy hadn't gotten them in yet. Oh well. maybe next time.

Outfit today:

Blue wrap dress with white delicate flower pattern
silver chain necklace with glass pendants connected (5 in a row)
seafoam green round toed heels
darker shade of shoes cardi inside the building


j_e_n said...

aw, you're no longer at xanga? it seems more and more people are moving to blogger! why is that? is it easier to use?

thanks for the suggestion (the fashion spot), i'm actually a member and have been m.i.a. for a long time! i'll have to find that thread you're talking about.

susie bubble is kind of extreme, huh? but she pulls it off, so kudos to her! i think i look best in sophisticated clothes...but that's so boring! haha!