Wednesday, 26 March 2008

a-thrifting we will go

Went op-shopping today, at savers dandenong. Didn't expect to find anything, but its those days when you actually do score! Found a silver matte Helmut Lang high waisted skirt ($4)

pocket detail:

and a brown/beige Daniel Hechter herringbone patterned boys blazer (fits snug with 3/4 sleeves on me) for $10. very happy.

Oh. and also got the Yeojin Bae for target floral one shouldered dress for...



all in all, a fairly satisfying days op shopping :) Now I'm at home enjoying the rain (yay!) with a cup of steaming hot tea, my legs up, watching the tudors sex it up ;)


A dreamer said...

wow! such wonders can come out of thrifting.
got any top spots you recommend?

Jen said...

i think the AA tulip skirt just needs to be made in an XS, the S is just too roomy all around to be flattering.

i bought the interlock mini online, because they didn't have black at the store, so once i get it, i'll try to take a picture of it. i can't wait, it shipped today!

congrats on the goods you thrifted, $4 for a helmut lang anything is a score!

Imelda Matt said...

Helmut Lang in Savers!?!?!? You must have the luck of the Irish coz that's such a bril score! I heart Savers, have you been to two story megaplex in Frankston?

Sheri said...

what!?! theres a 2 story savers megaplex!!!! no one told me :o

maybe I should venture into frankston. Im a bit scared though :S

Mica said...

Ooh, I am so in love with that blazer! hehe. Only $10 is amazing!

I think I'll start looking in op-shops as well as sales now in my search for the perfect blazer. You definitely seem to have great luck finding things. :)