Saturday, 8 March 2008

dinner at akari japanese, Brunswick st, fitzroy

outfit: black draped sleeve jersey dress (above the knee) with scalloped hem and khaki applique on hem (whew!)
silver belt knotted at waist
gunmetal grey sparkly flats
silver snakeskin bag + bling

went to dinner at akari last night with friends from interstate + a few from here who I haven't seen in a while. Had a really yummy beef Okonomiyaki and a lot of laughs. Couldn't finish the meal though, it was huge! 11.90 for such a huge dish is alright - in future I might just get one to share. the okonomiyaki was topped with hanakatsuo (dancing fish flakes) which are uber-thin shavings of smoked tuna, so thin that they move with the steam coming off the pancake.

Although a little on the exxy side, the food was extremely yummy - the only problem was service was very slow.

Also ran into fiona (how random!) on swanston street while I was hurrying to the tram to get to akari. anyway, got back pretty late, and more or less passed out in bed. woke up just now (aaaaahhh :D) and I'm now pondering whether to go shopping or not....hmmm....