Friday, 21 March 2008

Wooohoo! Long weekend :D

at least, the long weekend is here! Considering thursday was the last day of work, I probably shouldn't have done much, but I did. harvested three mice, and did my array analysis. Did leave work early though, so yay. Went home first, and then decided to head to chadstone for some shoppery. I was expecting chaddy to be very crowded, but there was next to no one there! Anyway, got back around 10, went straight to bed and only woke up at 11 :o I feel so lazy!

wore yesterday:

red and white tiny floral print shirt with ruching around bust, tucked into
LE target black boxpleat skirt
sheer black stockings with seam up back (not in pic because I changed into this when I got to work - so cold :S )
grey patent mary janes
black 3/4 sleeve opera jacket with embossed black floral print, knee length


A dreamer said...

you took a picture. yay. :D

A dreamer said...

i'm hoping that didn't sound perverted.

Sheri said...

rofl. no it didn't - I too am a compulsive what-you-wore-today/style diary stalker. I know how awesome it is to see pics :D have a good easter a_dreamer!

A dreamer said...

happy easter to you too!
eat up all those choccies.