Monday, 31 March 2008

Floral/nature trend

I've been slightly busy the last few days. Lots of social commitments and work and issues at home meant I had precious little time to do have 'me' time, and unload my brain (read pour-heart-into-blog) Had a drinks thing on thursday, pub night on friday, earth hour celebration thing on saturday and worked all day sunday. By the time today rolled around I was wrecked. Having a temp housemate who doesn't give us full rent (long story) has also meant that our finances are a bit tight this month, and that leaves precious little for shopping. Thank god (or the flying spaghetti monster depending on your religious views) for Ebay. I'm always one for a bargain, and when I saw this brand new dainty navy and cream floral shirtdress going at a dollar, I couldn't resist! A few minutes of frantic clicking later, and she was mine:

This was all early in the morning, as I was having my ritualistic 6:30am cup of tea - waking up for me is an hour long process. I need it to get my brain alert, and my mind moving, and most importantly, to set the pace of my day - calmly. Anyway, work passed by uneventfully, the exciting bit came when I arrived home, to find another ebay find in my post box!

Got this gorgeous floral wrap dress for the total of 6$ including postage - brand new with tags! Tried it on and it was a match made in heaven! Can you see a bit of a theme happening with the floral stuff? Its actually big currently in the Spring/Summer 2008 northern hemisphere collections - no reason why we can't adapt it for winter wear! Opaques, this seasons tough leather cropped jacket, some high high ankle boots and you're all set to go. Meanwhile, here are some pics from the runway to inspire


Oscar de la renta

Matthew Williamson (how gorge is that hood?)

Karen Walker

koi suwannagate (in love with this collection)

Issac Mizrahi

the fabrics looks so floaty in this gorgeous collection


John Galliano

and then there's that Balenciaga dress which I won't bother posting a picture of (If you're really curious and have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link)

so there you have it. Floral is in. Get in while you can, because in spring, supre will be all over it like a nasty rash.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

a-thrifting we will go

Went op-shopping today, at savers dandenong. Didn't expect to find anything, but its those days when you actually do score! Found a silver matte Helmut Lang high waisted skirt ($4)

pocket detail:

and a brown/beige Daniel Hechter herringbone patterned boys blazer (fits snug with 3/4 sleeves on me) for $10. very happy.

Oh. and also got the Yeojin Bae for target floral one shouldered dress for...



all in all, a fairly satisfying days op shopping :) Now I'm at home enjoying the rain (yay!) with a cup of steaming hot tea, my legs up, watching the tudors sex it up ;)

hahaha geeks beware!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bargain, Bargain, where art thou Bargain?

So B's (bf) parents are down in melbourne for easter weekend. B and his dad went off to play golf (roll eyes) while me and his mum, A opted for the more sane, smarter version of walking many many miles; shopping :D We went to Direct Factory Outlets Cheltenham, with the shop till you drop mindset. Unfortunately, DFO had other plans for us.

2 hours of shopping, and we found nothing. Socks and a pair of tights do not count ok? We were looking for fashiony bargains! nothing!! nada. zip. Its like a flock of fashionista vultures descended upon the stores and cleaned them out. Even Tony Bianco, where I can usually count on finding at least one pair of shoes that I like had nothing. Very dissapointing. Managed to find something for B though - pair of shorts. And then, as we were walking out to go to the car, we saw the new Puma outlet. Yes, its not really fashion, but a girl needs her tracksuit bottoms as well. And Voila! Bargaintastic! Bought a pair of gaucho cut lounge pants, 12$ down from 40, a pair of full length chocolate velour with pink lining tracksuit bottoms (very juicy, lol) 15$ down from $55! At least I didn't leave the shops empty handed!

Feeling a bit sick now actually - I think I over indulged at dinner. Slabs of meat just don't do it for me anymore. I would have killed for some salad and calamari. Just chilling out, trying on my new extremely comfy velour pants and watching episode 1 of The Tudors. Mein gott, this is one sexy series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes an incredibly gorgeous, hot blooded King Henry, and the bbc-ish style of cinematography is hooking me in already. More on this another day, once I've finished drooling

so what I wore to the shops and dinner:

cotton on skinny indigo jeans (getting old, but so comfy-about to rip at the knee :S)
LE target purple pleated blouse
black tuxedo jacket with 3/4 sleeves
silver/white crackled leather platforms (the platform bit and heels are matte silver)
black mesh clutch with essentials (cards, lip balm and phone) - didn't feel like lugging excess crap around today
Silver ring and tan glass bangle

Close up of blouse:

Monday, 24 March 2008

gold/silver/platinum Periodic Rings for your inner chem geek

How fabulous are these gold/silver/platinum Periodic rings? A husband+wife team based in brooklyn/US designed these blingtastic rings, starting at US$205. I could totally see myself rocking the platinum one. If only I had a spare $3000 or so...

Friday, 21 March 2008

Wooohoo! Long weekend :D

at least, the long weekend is here! Considering thursday was the last day of work, I probably shouldn't have done much, but I did. harvested three mice, and did my array analysis. Did leave work early though, so yay. Went home first, and then decided to head to chadstone for some shoppery. I was expecting chaddy to be very crowded, but there was next to no one there! Anyway, got back around 10, went straight to bed and only woke up at 11 :o I feel so lazy!

wore yesterday:

red and white tiny floral print shirt with ruching around bust, tucked into
LE target black boxpleat skirt
sheer black stockings with seam up back (not in pic because I changed into this when I got to work - so cold :S )
grey patent mary janes
black 3/4 sleeve opera jacket with embossed black floral print, knee length

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Finally some autumn weather

white sheer t shirt with silver foil print tucked messily into
army green mini tulip skirt, with
sheer black stockings with velvet polka dots on them.
Black patent almond toed shoes with a felt camellia,
black 3/4 sleeve tuxedo jacket inside where the a/c is still blasting away,
silver link ring, glass tan bangle and watch

finally got my array results, and I have array spots! yay! my experiment worked :D

Sunday, 16 March 2008

hot T_T

feel like I'm channelling an olsen twin

denim cut-off short shorts
plaid red/green/blue shirt with sleeves rolled up, tucked in at the back messily
white framed aviator sunnies
black dragonfly sandals

its so hot :'( I'm just lolling in my room trying to stay cool before I go for work at three. at least theres a/c there

Friday, 14 March 2008

bought a tuxedo jacket like the one kate moss is wearing for 20$ today (from temt), so stoked :D That pretty much wraps up my winter shopping - might buy some tan flat boots if I find them, but I'm not fussed.

what else...going to the mordialloc food and wine festival tomorrow, so I'll see if I can get some piccies. It was 42 degrees C today. Argh.

have a good weekend all :D

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

pay-day and spend-day

Had lunch with naomi this arvo. Its so nice having her working near me, means I can go bug her a lot :D yay! also got my lab book and plan for the rest of the month sorted out. Really pushing to get my paper out, so need to work, work, WORRRK!

Got my first scholarship payment today, and also went and spent a fair amount of $$ Don't worry, I didn't spend my living money - this was actually money I've been carrying around since I got back, that I got for my birthday (ah generous parents, aunts and foster sisters. I love you.) I also love target. Its the only place I seem to spend at lately. They've come out with a new 'Limited Editions' range, full of silk, merino wool and cashmere. Gorgeous designs and very nicely priced for student types like me. anyway, what I bought:

Pleat Panel short sleeved blouse in grape

Long line tie waist trench coat in grape

Fluted neck sleeveless top in cyclamen

sleeveless fluted neck woven dress in black

I'll probably go back for the cashmere wrap, but Target Chaddy hadn't gotten them in yet. Oh well. maybe next time.

Outfit today:

Blue wrap dress with white delicate flower pattern
silver chain necklace with glass pendants connected (5 in a row)
seafoam green round toed heels
darker shade of shoes cardi inside the building

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Domo arigato Mr Roboto

The evolution of dance

This video is hilarious - one man doing tens of different styles of dances spanning across decades. watch it, and don't feel too bad if you can remember doing some of them when you were in school. (I used to do a mean Thriller)


m back at the lab and quite pissed off at TNT. How does it make sense that they only deliver during business hours when no one is at home, and then refuse to tell me whether they will come in the morning or afternoon, thus forcing me to take an entire day off


cream button up pencil skirt with two rows of black buttons in front
black satin cap sleeved shirt tucked in
thick bright orange waist belt with silver clasp
black patent pointy flats

have a good tuesday all

Saturday, 8 March 2008

dinner at akari japanese, Brunswick st, fitzroy

outfit: black draped sleeve jersey dress (above the knee) with scalloped hem and khaki applique on hem (whew!)
silver belt knotted at waist
gunmetal grey sparkly flats
silver snakeskin bag + bling

went to dinner at akari last night with friends from interstate + a few from here who I haven't seen in a while. Had a really yummy beef Okonomiyaki and a lot of laughs. Couldn't finish the meal though, it was huge! 11.90 for such a huge dish is alright - in future I might just get one to share. the okonomiyaki was topped with hanakatsuo (dancing fish flakes) which are uber-thin shavings of smoked tuna, so thin that they move with the steam coming off the pancake.

Although a little on the exxy side, the food was extremely yummy - the only problem was service was very slow.

Also ran into fiona (how random!) on swanston street while I was hurrying to the tram to get to akari. anyway, got back pretty late, and more or less passed out in bed. woke up just now (aaaaahhh :D) and I'm now pondering whether to go shopping or not....hmmm....

Thursday, 6 March 2008


yes ok. complete sheep. and a sucker for marketing too (but we all knew that already). This offer is actually pretty good - cheap ms office ultimate (want to congratulate the genius who thought of that ;) ) - 75$ forever, 25$ to try for a year. I bet this promotion is sponsored by contiki holidays. hang on. contiki? doesnt microsoft have oodles and bucketloads of $$$?


go visit and

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

chaddy vip night = meh

mood: tired
outfit: indigo blue Yeojin Bae for target butterfly sleeve dress
cracked leather white round toe platforms with silver heels
silver bag/jewellery

didn't buy anything from the vip night except a pretty cheapo necklace from Mouche (love this shop) hung out with prue and roxy watching a fashion show there (the vip night is for Melbourne fash week) and bitching about all the outfits (serious lack of droolability) and the number of gay guys who rocked up

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Don't forget to turn out your lights

attempting to be healthy

mood: meh
outfit: Witchery White puffsleeved shirt with purple pinstripes under black v neck vest
Target black core straight leg pants
black patent pointy flats
silver bag/bling

so cbf;d today. went to the bank only to be told there would be more delays with my car loan because they fucked something up. whatever. I just want my friggin car, ok? Work passed uneventfully, trizoled up all my prostate lobes so I can do RNA extraction tomorrow, reminds me, gotta book oven/tube rolling thing. Realised that tomorrow nights a VIP night at chaddy because of Melbourne fashion week, so going with Prue to see all the pretty clothes (maybe do some shopping. maybe). Bought fruits and bag of almonds to put on my desk for nibbling instead of bag of M&Ms in an effort to become more healthy. Also bought sandwich stuff so I can make my own healthy lunches at work (!!!)

now just watching bleach, chilling out, trying to figure out what to say in group meeting tomorrow. urk.

Monday, 3 March 2008


Mood: optimistic/giggly
outfit: indigo silk blouse with crotchet neck, cap sleeves, waist tie tucked into
black flared jersey skirt
bright orange wide elastic waist belt on top
black point patent flats
cream snakeskin hairband
silver bag, jewellery

Had after-work coffee with Naomi (who is working at mimr now) and dinner with Romy. Really was too tired but realised I was starting to make excuses. Remember the new years resolution. Also, started my 'b&s-get-fit' program today.3km and we were puffed. anyway, hopefully we can get to 5 and sustain this week.

lol@shihad. frankston. classy. I'm almost tempted to go.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

first day of work/can't eat

eversince i landed in melbourne, I'm finding it really hard to eat. I force myself to have little nibbles of food, but don't have an appetite. Had a bbq/birthday party yesterday. Ate half a sausage and half a slice of bread but couldn't make myself eat the rest. Maybe I'm allergic to meat. Haven't eaten anything all day except a sandwich around midday and still am not hungry. maybe I'll just go to bed. whatever. so over 'it', although I have nfi what 'it' is. maybe its just that I feel like I'm the one constantly saying "lets do this/that" to friends who always seem to have something better to do when crunch time comes.

I'm sure I'll get out of this feeling sorry for myself phase shortly.

oh and had my first day as store manager today. woo. I has panic button. plus I got to see cute hawthorn footy players.