Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Don't forget: Zac Posen for Target on April 3

Latest designer to sign up for Targets 'Designers for Target' line is Zac Posen. Designer to the stars, Zac's high-street line seems to be tailored for a more mature customer - I must say going by the pictures on the website, the designs don't look that great. I will definitely have to see this in store to pass judgement.

Of course, once there are reductions, I might be tempted to buy one or two pieces either way- I simply don't want to spend 200$ on a dress just because its Zac Posen (fortarget). We'll see. I'm praying the tailoring and fabrics are nice - Stella Mccartney for target was terrible. There was only one nice piece - the swing coat (which I own in black). Sizes were all wonky and don't get me started on the shoddy work. Here's to more DFT lines! I can't wait till they feature someone like Camilla & Marc or Thurley.

Some of the pieces I might be interested in (pending reductions hehe)

Brocade Trim Ottoman Dress

Pleated Georgette Shirt (In whisper white)

Ponti Dress (maybe in black)

Wide Lapel Fitted Jacket
Can't decide between the coffee and the black. decisions decisions.


fashionableparadox said...

Hopefully the pieces go on sale the way the Yeojin Bae and Gail Sorronda for Target did!!
Oh and to answer your q about the trenchcoats (sorry it's so late) I know what you mean, some of them feel really thin esp. the CR ones, I guess you'd just have to look for one with a nice wool outer layer? HTH!

Yinzi said...

I had a look at the Zac Posen collection, and felt the same way you did, not too impressed. But yes, I would also get some pieces if they were reduced.

Currently hating how everything is in black, grey and various shades of white. Why can't winter stuff be colorful?? The weather is bleak enough.

Mica said...

ooh, there's a few pieces you picked out I wouldn't mind getting if they were reduced. That blazer is awesome :)

Imelda Matt said...

I'm not that impressed with the collection...did you see the trashing it got on ACA tonight?

Sheri said...

fashionable paradox - Yeah, the sales for YB were great :D

Mousie - tell me about it, but pops of colour seem to be showing up this winter, so you can always colourify your b&w outfit with some bright coloured shoes or a bag

mica - heh yeah that blazer is my must-have thing I think from this collection, although I wont be wrestling with people for it

matt - watched it on ACA, saw jenny bannisters ridiculous comments, all i can say is jenny who? Her designs look like rip-offs from GASP, so I don't think she really qualifies as a fashion commentator. They should've called one of us! hehe