Saturday, 5 April 2008

Stars replace skulls

Does everyone remember the skulduggery of last winter? It started way back in 2005, and slowly diffused its way down to become a A/W 2006-7 trend over here in australia, culminating in a copy of that Alexander McQueen scarf in every high-street store from Sportsgirl to Supre.

So everyone got over stars, moved onto summer and fluro. It seemed like summer would never end, but with the last few weeks of cold weather, its clear that Winters back , and so are this years on-everyone trend: stars.

Stars have been lurking around runways for a few seasons, but have only recently begun to really show up on the street. Chanel did stars in a subdued manner, with tiny white stars awash on a background of navy blue - reminiscent of the stars and stripes perhaps?

Yves Saint Laurent used stars from top to bottom

Miumiu had it going on in 2006 with their gorgeous star print dresses (drool)

and then finally:

Of course once Kate Moss stepped out in stars, the seal of approval was stamped on this particular trend. Although stars haven't shown up in the trend-based shops yet, Bardot has gotten a head start with their star print pleated pussy-bow blouse (two trends in one!) available online here

Bardot star print blouse, AU$69.95

update: Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) on the red carpet in a starry dress (pic from fabsugar)


Imelda Matt said...

It's so Fleetwood Mac and love the YSL star sandal.

Sheri said...

imelda - did you notice the bandaid on the models toe though!!

beauty is pain!

Yinzi said...

I loved the skulls from last season! Stars though, not my favourite thing. Don't see myself running and getting any starry stuff. Except the star sandal. That is drool worthy.

A dreamer said...

oh there was a bardot blouse like that except with different sleeves on sale for 40 dollars. I'm not sure if its on sale anymore.
I loved those YSL shoes. and the necklace although I'm wondering how heavy it is.

Mica said...

Oh, I like the YSL star pretty.

And the mui mui dresses...amazing. I thought I was over stars, but I'd love one of those mui mui dresses! They are just perfect. Wish I could afford them!

Sheri said...

mousie - yeah the star sandal is gorgeous hey, except it just looks stabbily painful :S

a dreamer - I think I saw that at bardot chaddy! I hate going into bardot stores though, for some reason, the SAs really turn me off

mica - isnt the miu miu dress beautiful! I think cicciolina on the vogue forums has the first miumiu dress I posted. Sooo jealous of her! I can't find it anywhere :(