Monday, 7 April 2008

Tune into Kerri-Anne this morning!

The wonderful Imelda from will be telling Australia all about shoes this morning on Mornings with Kerri-Anne at 9am on channel 9. Imelda has got the hottest collection of shoes to share with us on the show, so don't miss out, or you WILL be sorry!

(Don't get too stressed out about missing it because of piddling things such as work though - I believe Imelda may put up a clip of the show on her blog, so check it out there in a few days)


Imelda Matt said...

kisses...thanks for the shout out! I've posted a shonky clip coz I'm waiting for the Producers to send one thru! Sorry I haven't linked back, I've been peddle to the metal and I will up my blog role tomorrow.

A dreamer said...

i watched that. laughs, did you see how many shoes he brought along? wows