Thursday, 3 April 2008

Who the fuck is Jenny Bannister?

No seriously. I'd never heard of her until ACA and today tonight did their Zac Posen for Target stories (Must have run out of "Oh noes the azns are taking our jobs" angles) - Jenny Bannister was quoted as leaving the following rather choice comments.

"I doubt you can even buy his real label here in Australia," Jenny said. "If you could, it would be in a very expensive boutique, where Target customers would dare not enter."

"I don't think they're going to be loading up the supermarket trolley, with their boyfriend riding shotgun - as someone said for the Stella McCartney range - because it's sort of an unknown quantity,"

Melbourne fashion designer Jenny Bannister said she expected the Posen range to be "a bit of a flop" because he did not have "bogan appeal".

"The Stella McCartney collection was a great example of the uneducated running off, thinking they were getting a name brand, with some rubbish made in China," Bannister said.

"The little girls who go shopping at Target don't know who he is," she said.

I'm sorry, excuse me? Uneducated? LITTLE GIRLS? FFS WOMAN, WAKE UP TO THE WORLD!!! Has she not been into a target for 30 years? Admittedly, she looks pretty old, but to say that target is only shopped by bogans and the uneducated is a bit ridiculous. And anyway, a lot of bogans are smart too. The funny thing is, she's probably jealous that designers like Yeojin Bae and Alice Mccall have been asked to design for target, thus reaching a wider audience (who might like the designs so much they go buy the real deal later on). The fact is, most people at target shop there because the clothes are affordable yet of decent fabrics and construction (better than most hoity toity chapel street boutiques I'd say) and are bang on with most trends while still remaining cheap. Would you really have paid more than 50$ for last seasons bubble skirt? I don't think so.

The other funny thing is that Jenny Bannisters clothes look a lot like Supre's clothes or GASPs clothes. In fact, the only people I can see buying or wearing her clothes are the Cashed Up Bogan/teeny bopper types who she decries. Isn't that a tiny bit ironic? Now, since there hasn't been a ZP vs JB fight on TV yet, I decided I'd do a ANTM type walk off...of their collections! And just to be fair to JB (so she doesnt feel like her names been taken in vain), I'll use ZPs main line, and not the For 'Targey' one.



I think the pictures say it all. Who is winning for you?


A dreamer said...

who the hell is jenny bannister? I've never heard of her either.

Wtf? People who shop at target arnt bogans.

Shes talking out of her arse.
Her collection compared to ZP- yes, clear difference.

I wonder how long she has been designing clothes for. Her retirement may be due.

Sheri said...

shes actually an 'aussie legend' a_dreamer - she has a stamp of her and all, although I think it may be more due to longevity (shes been designing since 1976 or something) than to fashion sense ;)

Imelda Matt said...

ohhhh cheeky monkey...I saw and recorded this (but can't get it off my camera-off topic) and pee'd my pants, she's such a cranky 'ole has-been (she was very of-the-moment in the 80's).

If your trotting down Chapel St pop into SHAG, they've always got a bunch off vintage pieces.

btw-great post

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I love this post, well done. I have heard of Jenny Bannister but not since some time in the 80's. She has been VERY over for a long time. Anyway, as you say WTF?? Jenny clearly does NOT have her finger on the fashion pulse, as evident by her comments but mostly her tragic designs. Ewww!
The pictures you posted of ZP's work are clearly much better in both design and execution.

Just goes to show ACA has it's usual caliber of 'knowledgeable' experts on the show.