Saturday, 23 January 2010

Back in Australia....

And where has summer gone? Its fuckin cold, thats what it is. gone are my plans for shorts, singlets and minidresses. Instead I'm wrapped up in distinctly un-chic fluffy blue bed-socks and a massive purple robe.

Add to that a lab that is supposedly 'environmentally friendly' and thus has no heating, and you have a very cold shrunken little lab goddess.

The weather fairies are promising me a warmer day today, perhaps in honour of my birth. AS THEY SHOULD

I can't wait to take over the world - i'll be the best little dictator there ever was. Everyone will celebrate Sheri-day. Whether they like it or not

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

whats really under the hijab

Sexiness for everyone from Glow Berlin on Vimeo.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Thigh High boots

I am a firm convert to thigh high boots. I loved them when I saw them in Rodarte's show, and lusted when I saw them in Willow. They don't seem to have filtered down into high street fashion yet, and I am loath to spend too much on a trend based fashion item, so I'll be keeping an eye out in singapore next week!

These are droolworthy (*drools*)

The ever present plastic bottle. And the Nappy

So today, a lot of my rellies and I went to Vilingili - the plan was that we would go for a swim, have brekkie and come back to Male'. However, life being what it is and due to the fact that things rarely go to plan, this didn't happen.

When we got to Vilingili, the first thing we noticed was how disgusting the beach was. Plastic bottles, some filled with unidentifiable yellow fluid (Not taking bets on what this was) lay strewn across the beach. Underneath trees lay the remnants of Fridays picnickers. Half eaten 'bai parcels' and helembelihui mingled with the ubiquitous supari packet. And the beach's crowning glory: Used diapers filled with shit, not even buried in the sand and floating in the sea.

We were so disgusted. We couldn't even get ourselves to put our things down. Luckily for us (and rather unfortunately for him), a guy from the island office walked past. One of my cousins knew him and went and talked to him. 10 minutes later, the guy came back with a wheel barrow, 2 rakes and a dustpan. All 18 of us got to work. The little ones picked up empty wrappers, while the rest of us targeted the bottles and nappies.

All in all, it took us 1/2 an hour to clean up that entire stretch of beach, yknow the one that starts near the jetty and ends near the police koshi side.

And just as we picked up the last water bottle, a group of giggly teen girls walked past, taking turns to swig water from a plastic bottle, and uncaring just threw it down near our feet.

I nearly yelled at them. My cousin gave me a warning look. And then he politely told them to take their shit with them.

I don't understand how people can just dump rubbish everywhere.

Friday, 8 January 2010


wacking waving inflatable flailing arm tube man
wacking waving inflatable flailing arm tube man
wacking waving inflatable flailing arm tube man
wacking waving inflatable flailing arm tube man!!!!

bit of randomness before I head off for this so called family dinner.

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, search for "wacking waving inflatable flailing arm tube man" in youtube)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

A lack of awesome

Bear with me - I'm feeling a bit emo tonight.

Have you ever felt like you were average? Yknow, averagely good at school, average at extracurricular stuff, average at playing instruments, average at sports.

I have, still do. Take my stint learning piano. I had a teacher who came every day, but I never got beyond playing a few chords.

I studied in India for two years, but never did learn malayalam,even though I was stuck in a hostel and heard it day in and out.

I was ok at studies, a straight A student but never in the top ten

Sports and me are NOT on a first name basis.

I have no hobbies that I stick to (unlike my brother who taught himself how to play guitar and is awesome at it, and also is a fantastic photographer). Oh sure, I dabble in everything, but I fear I am jack of all trades, but master of none.


I might go listen to some dark depressing metal now.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

woohoo, I has internet!

Silly person who lives near me has unsecured wireless internet :D YAY. I type this as I laze on my bed (rather lazily I may add).

I got stood up last night, so no caffeine/chatting for me. Instead I got to watch a rather depressing movie about a prison, while aimlessly surfing the internet. Its kinda sad really. Here I am, in the Maldives, the so-called paradise on earth, where tourists pay gazillions of dollars to come visit, and I HAVE NOTHING TO DO.

I've gone fishing (night)
I've gone to a resort
I've gone to an inhabited rural island
I've gone to an uninhabited island
I've stared at extremists and pointed and laughed
Assorted water sports
The ubiquitous coffee at night (basically an excuse to sit in a cafe nursing a single cuppa while chatting with friends)

so what else can I do in Male'? Any suggestions?