Wednesday, 6 January 2010

woohoo, I has internet!

Silly person who lives near me has unsecured wireless internet :D YAY. I type this as I laze on my bed (rather lazily I may add).

I got stood up last night, so no caffeine/chatting for me. Instead I got to watch a rather depressing movie about a prison, while aimlessly surfing the internet. Its kinda sad really. Here I am, in the Maldives, the so-called paradise on earth, where tourists pay gazillions of dollars to come visit, and I HAVE NOTHING TO DO.

I've gone fishing (night)
I've gone to a resort
I've gone to an inhabited rural island
I've gone to an uninhabited island
I've stared at extremists and pointed and laughed
Assorted water sports
The ubiquitous coffee at night (basically an excuse to sit in a cafe nursing a single cuppa while chatting with friends)

so what else can I do in Male'? Any suggestions?