Saturday, 23 January 2010

Back in Australia....

And where has summer gone? Its fuckin cold, thats what it is. gone are my plans for shorts, singlets and minidresses. Instead I'm wrapped up in distinctly un-chic fluffy blue bed-socks and a massive purple robe.

Add to that a lab that is supposedly 'environmentally friendly' and thus has no heating, and you have a very cold shrunken little lab goddess.

The weather fairies are promising me a warmer day today, perhaps in honour of my birth. AS THEY SHOULD

I can't wait to take over the world - i'll be the best little dictator there ever was. Everyone will celebrate Sheri-day. Whether they like it or not


Iya said...

not if i get to be dictator first. but we can still have a sheri day. If I, the supreme overlord of everything wishes.

also, I'd take cold over hot any day.

stylestalker said...

I KNOW! summer in australia is totally not how i remember it every other summer. i recall warm days and the beach constantly. but now its gloomy and grey. i guess its bittersweet - we get the best of both seasons at one time. Especially because winter clothes are on sale in summer, :D