Monday, 2 February 2009

Why do Maldivians always complain?

Lawl. They complain when they don't get flats, and then complain when they do.

Aih foaraa hisaabah huriHAAAA eccheh

Hulhumale' Winners Complain About Down Payment
29 January 2009
Aishath Shazra

A number of Hulhumale’ flat lottery winners have complained the Rf100,000 (US$7,843) down payment for the apartments is too high, with many saying it will be impossible to pay the money without resorting to loans.

Speaking to Minivan News, one winner, Fareehsa, 31, a working mother who currently shares a small flat with her parents, said, “I am extremely happy to have won the flat but I have not given much thought on how to pay the down payment.

“I am against borrowing money, but I if I have no other choice, that’s what I have to do.”

But the deputy director of HDC, Nuha Mohamed, has said it is important to remember the development project is a non-profit venture: “We have just included the construction cost and the cost of land in the pricing.”

She said the HDC had received “some” complaints about the down payment and the issue was raised on the night of the draw. “The ministry of housing has said it will try to lower the down payment amount,” she added.

Another winner, a 28-year-old woman who wishes to remain anonymous, said although she had won a two-bedroom apartment she might be forced to give one room to “whoever can make the payment”.

At present, she lives with her mother and six others in the 400 ft² house and since she got married, her mother has been sharing a room with her sister.

“I am lucky to have won the flat,” she said, “but I should be able to afford it. Let’s see how the government can make this affordable for us.”

In addition to the down payment, she said the selection process for the lottery remained unclear. “My half-sister is in the same situation as me. Her dad’s house is 100ft², has two floors and he lives with his wife and kids.

“From this house she probably only owns a space the size of a tile, yet she wasn’t chosen for the lottery.”

As a result, many have complained that some people may have provided false information in order to be chosen for the lottery. On this point, Nuha said the HDC was currently in the process of verifying information given by winners.

“We had over 8,000 applicants so we waited to confirm the information after the draw. It’s easier to verify the information of a smaller number of people.

“We are consulting with various government institutions like the municipality to verify everything. Each category has 50 people on the waiting list, so if the information provided is incorrect, someone else will get chosen”.

After confirming the information, the deadline for the down payment will be announced, she added.

Hulhumalé is built on reclaimed land and was completed in 2002. The 188-hectare island was designed with the intention of housing 60,000 inhabitants from the capital Malé.

HDC allocated 488 newly built flats to the winners of a lottery draw and the organisation estimates 4,000 people will move into the flats.

The apartments, which fall into the category of the Social Housing Scheme, consist of two- and three-bedroom flats.

The flats are handed over to the winners after the down payment, which is 20 per cent of the total price. The remainder will be repaid in monthly installments for the next 20 years.


DarkCasanova said...

well we maldivans are like that always..well some of us are atleast...kwl blog...

bulhaa said...

ur name is really sheri???

Sheri said...

your name is really bulhaa?

The Shadowrunner said...

Hey, we have the right to complain.

Because one way or another, this little island paradise is FUCKED.