Friday, 20 February 2009


Rage: angry fury; violent anger

So ends the second week of work. My friend at work said there is always a period of intense rage when you return to work following a long relaxing holiday. And rage there was. It felt like it was a new year, but nothing had changed. My supervisor was still taking liberties he shouldn't, and annoying me with his lack of involvement. I stalked around yesterday in a blind rage, near snapping at anyone who attempted to say something stupid to me.

So I went home. Stopped at the shops on the way home, bought some green tea, made a huge pot at home, and just...relaxed. Stared out the window and came to terms with returning to work.

It made such a big difference! Getting back to work today, I felt like I drank away all my bad karma. I even managed to get back into my work and get tonnes done today. And now I am at home, relaxing with more tea, and a few episodes of torchwood before I start work on my presentation for monday...I suppose a friday night could be worse spent.


Iya said...

ah, good ol' work rage, huh? been there too.

Its great that you found out a good relaxation technique before it got out of hand... for me, i had made two women and one man cry using only my words before i found a good cure.

DarkCasanova said...

ahh "faaga" as the oldies say are good for anger reseachers thoguhout the world have confimed "faaga's" effectivness hehehe... try exercising..takes away the stress and good for ya bod too.

The Shadowrunner said...

I think a flamethrower is better. Heh heh heh. Just my opinion.

But yeah, green tea... shoulda try it sometime.

singamaraja said...

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