Saturday, 16 August 2008

One day at a time

Its been coming a while now, but more and more - I find myself craving a healthier lifestyle. I don't exercise (gymwise) except to take my dog for long walks, and walk everywhere instead of driving. When I use public transport, I always get off early so I have further to walk. I wouldn't say I'm an unhealthy weight, in fact - I wouldn't want to lose weight kilo-wise. Maybe just gain some muscle...I find that the hardest thing for me is the motivation to go out for a run when I've just come home from the lab around 6:30 or 7, when its cold and dark and rapist-friendliesh. Is that even a word?

Anyway, I think I need to work on motivation. Get my arse moving so to speak. Maybe I could try getting up early? This fiendish melbourne weather is not very conducive to Sheri-getting-her-arse-moving. Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses.

Another thing I need to change is my diet. I don't have an unhealthy diet..most of my plate is usually steamed veggies, and I limit my fast food intake. Of course, the caffeine loaded sugar bombs also known as my daily 5 coffees don't help, but I've cut down from 2 spoons of sugar to 1/2, so I'm working on that! But the one that 2 things I can't seem to give up/decrease intake of are chocolate and cheese. My Achilles heel(s?)

Any tips and tricks appreciated. Detailed guides on "Mind over Cheese" will also be accepted


Yinzi said...

The only advise I can give you on cheese and chocolate is to NOT BUY IT. But everytime lindt or kit kat chunky is on sale, or if I see my favourite brie or blue cheese... I crack under the intense pressure. Which is not helpful to you at all.

Or you could cut 5 cups of coffee down to say... 2 cups of coffee (ARGH!!!), and thus cut down on caffeine AND sugar. Plus and a plus.

However, if you want a walking partner, I'll volunteer. Exercise freak that I am.

Sheri said...

YES! and we live nearby. that would work. when did you want to start walking partner?

Yinzi said...

I don't mind. It does depend on what time you want to start walking, I generally prefer evenings (I try to wake up early but it doesn't happen).

Imelda Matt said...

I was going to suggest a personal trainer but yinzi has provided you with the motivation. Go for GOLD Sheri!

ps - rapist-friendliesh had me rotfl

Miss Zoe said...

you sound JUST like me- cant get up early, and will just about kill a family member for some good chocolate and/or parmesan. My personal tactic is to not eat anything bad except chocolate/cheese, which I find isnt in huge supplies outside my house, which realistically i'm not in most of the time! Works a charm, until you're hungry somewhere and the best option is an oreo mcflurry.... sigh ps great blog.... will australia let you stay?