Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Is anyone else over Lindsay Hohan

No I mean seriously. I was reading The Age today, and what do I see?

"Lindsay admits gay relationship"

apparently old Sam Ronson finally gave her a 'Commitment ring'

Ok Linds. We get it already. YOU'RE GAY. Now can you please shut up and go away? Please?

[Disclaimer: I have nothing against gay people. I love gay people. I just hate people who use lifestyle choices as an excuse to get famous]

I used to be a huge Hohan fan, back in the days of The Parent trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Y'know, back when she was a natural redhead. Remember? (walk down memory lane coming right up:

aaand then it started going downhill. Like vertically. 90 degrees. Drugs. Arrests. Sticking knife in mouth. Flashing the old fire crotch. Is-she-a-lesbian-or-not?

I realise that Sam is fully sick, and I wish them all the best. But isn't it time poor Linds stopped attention whoring and just...I dunno...retired? Try and salvage whats left of her life?

Do you know whos to blame for the train-wreck-formerly-known-as-Li-Lo?

this woman

this woman, who is now repeating the sins of her past with her younger spawn

Doesn't she know when to give up?

[In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Dina Lohan (lilos mum) has just started a new 'reality' show with her 15 year old daughter, Ali Lohan]

Rant over. In sciencey news, I have started writing my first paper :D many moments of wiggly happiness (yay paper. paper means publishing. publishing means I can do talks at conferences. Conferences means travelling overseas. Overseas means SHOPPING! YAAAY) and sciencey despair as I try to put on paper many months of work. erk.


Imelda Matt said...

Imelda might make Lindsay your 'special project'...her and lousy leggings need to be taken down!

A dreamer said...

oh congrats on the sciencey paper. smart cookie. Farrrr the whole lindsay is the a les thing pisses me off too. Especially coz she was so good as Cady Herron in mean girls.

Sheri said...

haha i know, how disgusting are her leggings. Specially the ones with the knee pads.