Wednesday, 2 July 2008

getting a car

I've always been a public transport person. Its nice, you meet people and talk, or if you'd rather not, are free to stare out the window and ponder the meaning of life while listening to your ipod. Its cheap(ish), environmentally friendly and easy to use. The only thing that shits me though, is the inconsistency. Melbournes Metlink/Connex officially sucks. I can't cound the number of times I've been left at the bus stop even after flagging down a bus - ok in summer, but terrible in winter. Not to mention the terrible attitudes of the bus drivers. I realise its not the greatest job in the world, but a smile/nod/wave when I say G'day would be nice.

And so, with me over the whole PT scene, I've decided to invest in a car. Behold:

Volkswagen Golf TDI GT Sport, diesel engine (hurray for 5L to 100km and better for the environment than petrol). probably going to get the red one (I don't like white/silver, he doesnt like black) with leather seats (mmm heated seats). We drove one down to cobram (3 hours!) and it was amazing. Such an easy ride, even on bumpy roads, and so zippy! Acceleration was outta this world considering its a small car. Another great thing was the space. Plenty of space in this car, and all this without sacrificing boot space. I think I'm in love


A dreamer said...

I love trains! But that's mainly because I get car sick..
Did you hear on the news how they said that trains are only officially late if they are 8-10 minutes late... i mean wtf?
If they're late then they're late...
I think it was to cut down the amound of fines they had to pay or something.

Mica said...

Public transport can be really frustrating :(
Sucks when you are late becasue of it running behind as well!

The new car looks great, I like the red! :)

Imelda Matt said... should try PT in Sydney it's even worse than Connex - which I didn't think was possible.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

I couldn't agree more, connex sucks!!
cute car though! =D Love VWs!

Imelda Matt said...

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Mecino said...

I much prefer to jump on a train if I'm going into the city bc parking can get so expensive - but I'm so frustrated with the delays lately!!!!
I love the new car - hot :)