Tuesday, 13 May 2008

shittiest day ever,

man, I just had the worst day ever. Started a western (my first have just watched one before), got up to loading the samples before realising they were too concentrated and I hadn't boiled them with bmercap , had to go back and figure out dilutions, stared at the numbers for 15minutes not really seeing anything before my supervisor rescued me. Then had a mini breakdown when he asked me if everything was alright (my mum visited for a week last week from overseas, just left on sat, my dad had a head on collision on his motorbike, being stressed out trying to get paper out before our competition scoops out) and dropped my lab book and ran out needing a coffee. Western was ok after that, but then started getting worried about my project being taken over by my 2nd supervisor and his team because mine is part of his overall area, and is the current focus of my lab director (ie she wants results asap and doesn't care how) so talked to both supervisors about my fears (they calmed me down, saying that once this first paper was out, I would be going in a very different direction to 2nd supervisor, and will not be in trouble of being downgraded to masters/kicked out because uni thinks im not doing enough). To top it all off, I went to the bathroom around 4 (still hadn't had lunch), just as I was about to sit down, I had a plop - the white gold pendant that mum gave me for my 21st had just fallen into the toilet Luckily there was another lady in the toilet - set her to guard it and went off to get gloves and disinfectant

shitty day. ended up getting quite a bit of work done after everyone left for home though, and am still going great guns (just got 2 pages of lit review done, yay, considering I'm only 3 months into the phd)

is it really weird that i still love science/phding

Ps; sorry for the little rant/essay. I just needed to get it out

Had my graduation on thursday, yay, we got to wear a hat. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a pic with the fabulous Mousie, although I caught up with her at the Post-graduation drinks on Saturday (LMAO at her saying she has no fash sense). TGIF have the most awesome potato skins (drool) and massive cocktails! I can't believe I've never been before.

outfit from saturday:


A dreamer said...

wow. that sounds like a massive shitty day.
gosh , i'm totally feeling for you.
by the way, your are a very fashionable scientist.

Yinzi said...

I totally feel what you feel. When a day is going bad, it just gets worse. How's your dad?

j'aime said...

i love the outfit, where are the tights from?

congrats on graduating btw :)

Sheri said...

a_dreamer - thanks hun :D I dress up at work because otherwise I don't get taken seriuously - being 5'3" tall and having to deal with everyone patting my head and talking down to me lol

mousieee- dads ok, has a concussion and some bumps and scrapes. thanks for asking <3

j'aime - thanks! Tights are from a two pack I got in kmart (shock horror). Theyre so much better than a similar jonothan aston pair I got from myer - ripped after one wear, and I don't normally practise violence towards my tights

Imelda Matt said...

baby face that sounds simply gruesome...I feel your pain! Is your Dad OK, cos the rest just fabs into the background?????

Sheri said...

thanks matt <3 dads fine, just a concussion and a stubborn attitude!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's accident! :( Judging from the sound of it though, it's not too serious, right?

As for you graduating, CONGRATS! My cousin graduated also this weekend, I'm very proud of him. He's going for his Doctorate to practice Optometry. I always joke around and tell him to hurry up so he can give me free Lasik. I don't know if i want to be his first patient though.