Monday, 31 March 2008

Floral/nature trend

I've been slightly busy the last few days. Lots of social commitments and work and issues at home meant I had precious little time to do have 'me' time, and unload my brain (read pour-heart-into-blog) Had a drinks thing on thursday, pub night on friday, earth hour celebration thing on saturday and worked all day sunday. By the time today rolled around I was wrecked. Having a temp housemate who doesn't give us full rent (long story) has also meant that our finances are a bit tight this month, and that leaves precious little for shopping. Thank god (or the flying spaghetti monster depending on your religious views) for Ebay. I'm always one for a bargain, and when I saw this brand new dainty navy and cream floral shirtdress going at a dollar, I couldn't resist! A few minutes of frantic clicking later, and she was mine:

This was all early in the morning, as I was having my ritualistic 6:30am cup of tea - waking up for me is an hour long process. I need it to get my brain alert, and my mind moving, and most importantly, to set the pace of my day - calmly. Anyway, work passed by uneventfully, the exciting bit came when I arrived home, to find another ebay find in my post box!

Got this gorgeous floral wrap dress for the total of 6$ including postage - brand new with tags! Tried it on and it was a match made in heaven! Can you see a bit of a theme happening with the floral stuff? Its actually big currently in the Spring/Summer 2008 northern hemisphere collections - no reason why we can't adapt it for winter wear! Opaques, this seasons tough leather cropped jacket, some high high ankle boots and you're all set to go. Meanwhile, here are some pics from the runway to inspire


Oscar de la renta

Matthew Williamson (how gorge is that hood?)

Karen Walker

koi suwannagate (in love with this collection)

Issac Mizrahi

the fabrics looks so floaty in this gorgeous collection


John Galliano

and then there's that Balenciaga dress which I won't bother posting a picture of (If you're really curious and have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link)

so there you have it. Floral is in. Get in while you can, because in spring, supre will be all over it like a nasty rash.


A dreamer said...

ebay rocks! enough said.

you're right, the hood at mathew w is gorgeous and so are the dresses.
i wish i could afford karen walker, she does really pretty florals.

the jap designer i've never heard of but those dresses are so elegant!

i agree, supre can be a real travesty

Imelda Matt said...

I've always loved the juxta of hard 'n soft so it's a pair of ruff'n tumble biker boots for those dresses...I almost forgot, $6 bucks what's that about?!?!?!

Sheri said...

a_dreamer - damn straight :D I don't know what I did pre-ebay. I love KW clothes - not as big a fan of her jewellery.

imelda - biker boots would do too! I'm still on the hunt for the purrfect pair, maybe I just need to steal them from a biker hehe.

Yinzi said...

how do you find cool stuff on ebay... Maybe I should spend more time in front of the computer.... argh. I like the red and white floral dress.

Sheri said...

mousie - lots and lots and lots of clicking. plus, I have a lot of incubations at work >:D

Mica said...

haha, ebay is awesme. It's my current obsession for avoiding uni work :p Congrats on your wins - the dresses are beautiful bargains.

I'm likeing the floral at the moment, ust have to find a few nice piceces to wear it like you have.